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So you are ready to start your own Victory Garden and you have seeds and plants, maybe some creative containers, now what? Whether it be to keep yourself sane during the stay at home order, occupy the kids, boosting your social media presence or just because now seems like the perfect time to start, you might be wondering what sorts of tools will make the work easier.

Well, you’re going to need some stuff, you might even have some things already lying around but other tools you might have to go and get. Scouting for provisions is daunting enough these days without being completely new and unprepared for the best hobby you’ll ever take up. So, I’m here to help! Here is everything you need to know before you start gathering supplies for your garden on a tight budget.

One way to shop safely for your Victory Garden supplies is to make a list of the items you need so you aren’t unduly exposing yourself by looking for something or wandering around figuring out what to buy or where to buy it. Check the blog post “SNAP into Gardening” for a list of retailers that may still have tools in stock. Some of these stores also sell plants and seeds so if you get organized, you can get it all together in one trip.

In the interest of getting prepared, take a look at this handy list of basic tools you will need for your gardening project. As a guide for affordability, consider setting 5% of your federal stimulus check aside as an investment into your Victory Garden. While we may not know the actual amount for a family with children, the base amount is $1200 per adult so 5% is about $60 worth of tools. 

We have separated the tools into two suggestion lists with a smaller estimated cost representing 5% of the stimulus package for a single adult on one list. If you have additional adults or children in the household or have the ability to make an additional 10% investment into your Victory Garden supplies, the second list will provide a few additional items beyond the minimum. The tools in the upgraded section are not all necessary, and though they may make life easier, you can definitely get the job done with only the items from the basic list.

Now that you know how and where to get your plants and tools, stay up to date on the next steps to prepare your garden and other weekly updates by following our Victory Garden project on the ASD website, Facebook, Instagram, and our YouTube channel. Coming soon, we will talk about the creative ways to use containers and the benefits of an in-ground garden to replace the grass.

Remember, you may not have to buy everything new. Dig around in the garage or get a drive-by drop-off loaner from a friend. 

Della McGuire, Grant Writer
Appalachian Sustainable Development


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