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ASD’s Agroforestry Program was founded in 2010 with the goal of helping farmers adopt agroforestry practices that support both conservation and specialty crop production. Historically, ASD has worked with government agencies to establish multifunctional riparian forest buffers with useful fruit and nut trees and shrubs along waterways, as well as food forests along public walking trails. Currently, ASD has funding to help farmers establish, process and market forest botanicals in a forest farming system or field grown medicinal herbs in an alley cropping system.

What Is Agroforestry?

Agroforestry is a land use management system in which trees and/or shrubs are grown with crops and/or livestock. This intentional combination of agriculture and forestry has a variety of environmental and economic benefits, including crop diversification, soil erosion reduction, water quality improvement, wildlife habitat enhancement, and much more! There are several agroforestry practices, including: forest farmingriparian forest buffersalley croppingsilvopasturewindbreaks, and food forests.

What Are The benefits?


  • Increase diversity of crops and income
  • Improve yield and productivity
  • Enhance product quality
  • Maximize full economic potential of land
  • Energy bill conservation


  • Improve air and water quality
  • Reduce soil erosion and improve soil health
  • Increase pollinator and wildlife habitat
  • Mitigate risks of climate change
  • Increase biodiversity


  • Increase food access
  • Noise cancellation from roads, etc.
  • Block and filter pollution
  • Visual screens
  • Aesthetic landscape

Donate today and help Appalachian farmers finally make a profit forest farming, while also conserving at-risk medicinal plants. Your donation, no matter the size, makes a big difference for the people, plants and future of Appalachia.

Assistance Application

Complete our agroforestry assistance application to see what services we can offer you!

If you are a landowner interested in diversifying your income, agroforestry may be a fit for you!

Please complete the application so we can learn a little more about your land, interests, and experiences. We can then offer assistance ranging from access to our newsletter, a technical assistance phone call, and/or an on-farm site visit based on our funding and availability. The demand for high quality, ethically sourced herbs is growing, so join the local herb farming movement today!

Please read the application description before starting the application.

Appalachian Harvest Herb Hub

Ready to process and market your medicinal herbs to premium priced buyers? Check out the Appalachian Harvest Herb Hub in Duffield, VA for assistance to help get you started!

Funding & Research Opportunities

Check out ASD’s guide to funding sources for Forest Farming, Alley Cropping, and Silvopasture.

  • ASD is now seeking applications from forest farmers for cost-share funding for forest botanical planting stock. To learn more and apply, click HERE.

Agroforestry Demonstrations

This map is to showcase the diversity of Agroforestry practices in Appalachia. All of the locations are currently established agroforestry sites. Please be respectful of your fellow agroforesters and do not drop in unannounced without prior approval. Not all sites are open for public visitation, and those that are most often require an appointment for visits. If you see a site that you would like to visit, please visit the site’s webpage for visitation inquiries.

If you are an Appalachian Agroforester and would like your farm to be included on ASD’s Appalachian Agroforestry Demonstration map, you can fill out this form and provide the necessary information to add yourself to our map. (We will not ask for your name or exact address.)

Another type of Appalachian Agroforestry includes syrup production. You can view these maps to see all syrup producers in Virginia and West Virginia

Community Food Forests are also a type of urban agroforestry and you can view all community food forest sites in the country here

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The Agroforestry Team

Katie Commender

Agroforestry Director

Email Katie | 276.623.1121

Robin Suggs

Procurement Manager

Email Robin | 276.623.1121

Michelle Bouton

Herbal Ed. Associate

Email Michelle | 276.623.1121


We have a collection of agroforestry resources, including information on planting, forest botanicals, native fruits and nuts, markets and more!

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