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Helping families grow their own fresh food while building a community of growers who care about their health, the environment, and community well-being.

About Grow your Own

Grow Your Own is a gardening program for everyone – from someone growing for the first time to seasoned market gardeners. Grow Your Own is a needs based program, meaning it is focused on helping families gain knowledge, networks, and their own fresh food. Grow Your Own folks grow for themselves, their neighbors, food pantries, and for market. 

Leveling-up: Digging Deeper

Individuals can be in Grow Your Own for three years as a participant and even longer as a mentor to new gardeners. They can also enroll in our level-up portion of Grow Your Own, Digging Deeper. This curriculum is online so people can work at their own pace. It covers topics we discuss in Grow Your Own Workshops, but more in depth. Further, it provides TONS of information about how to go from a home grower to a market grower!

Upcoming events

Our workshops are free to the public! While we can only accept a limited number of folks into the program each year, we are here to help everyone learn and grow!

Grow Your Own workshops are held monthly from February through October in the Abingdon/Bristol area and the Tazewell/Bluefield areas. These workshops cover different topics such as: planning your garden, garden maintenance, pest control, season extension, food preservation, and growing regeneratively. We work to make gardening accessible to everyone. Join us for fun, easy ways to learn how to grow – whether you have some potted plants on your deck or a whole acre field, we can always learn from one another and help each other grow.

GYO Workshop: Season Extension – Tazewell County

Join us on August 26 (6-7:30 pm) at the Four Seasons YMCA Tazewell Community Garden for our Season Extension Grow Your Own Workshop. Attendees will learn about season extension by […]


GYO Workshop: Season Extension – Washington County

Join us on August 29 (6-7:30 pm) at the Faith in Action Community Garden for our Season Extension Grow Your Own Workshop. Attendees will learn about season extension by doing […]


GYO Workshop: Regenerative Agriculture – Tazewell County

Join us on September 24 (6-7:30 pm) at Tazewell County Public Library (Bluefield Branch) for our Regenerative Agriculture Grow Your Own Workshop. Regenerative Agriculture is more relevant now than ever! […]


What are the benefits of growing your own food?

Reduced grocery bill, controlling your nutrition, being outside…

Most of our 2023 GYO participants had very specific reasons for learning to grow their own food. We interviewed some of them – Kayla and Chandler, Janet and Herb, and Terra – and realized that although their stories are different, they all found so many of the same benefits.

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