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Appalachian Harvest Beef is beefin’ good, and for so many reasons.

  • Lean, nutritious, high quality, and tender
  • Straight from farmers in Central Appalachia
  • Sustainably and humanely raised
  • Better for you and the planet
  • USDA inspected and Beef Quality Assurance certified

Who is Appalachian Harvest?

Appalachian Harvest (AH) is a social enterprise of ASD, meaning all income is returned to programs and initiatives that address social causes. For ASD and AH, our social causes center around food access, workforce development for individuals with barriers, and sustainability – all leading to a better quality of life for Central Appalachians. Thank you for supporting local!

Blue Hills Community Market
238 W Main Street
Abingdon, VA 24210

Food Country USA
42158 US-58
Duffield, VA 24244

  • Locally-sourced beef means less travel, which equals less fossil fuel consumption and lowered emissions.
  • Less travel also equals better quality beef. Cattle are highly stressed when transported, which causes them to release cortisol and adrenaline hormones that negatively impact the quality of the beef.
  • Buying local helps support local farms and farmers, and that helps boost the local economy.
  • Locally-sourced beef is generally healthier. Farms are smaller here in Central Appalachia, and that means herd size is smaller, too. Farmers know their cattle and genuinely care about their well-being – what they eat and how they are treated. Cattle roam here, free to graze or enjoy the shade of a tree.
  • Local food, including meat, simply tastes better. But don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself and share your feedback with Brittany Woodby at

We know what’s on the line when it comes to how food is handled, stored, distributed, and prepared. That’s why we make sure Appalachian Harvest Beef complies with the highest safety and quality standards.

  • We make sure our cattlemen are mentored on best practices for animal husbandry;
  • And that they have been thoroughly trained to obtain their Beef Quality Assurance certification;
  • Plus, USDA inspection ensures the beef is safe, wholesome, and properly labeled.

When it comes to food safety at home, the USDA recommends cooking raw ground beef, pork, lamb, and veal to an internal temperature of 160 F as measured with a food thermometer.

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