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We address workforce and economic development, food insecurity, and community building and health through six strategies: education, increasing local food production, developing markets, increasing distribution of local agriculture products, engaging strategic partners, and researching/consulting and advising. We are passionate about ensuring that rural communities can become viable once again and we feel that agriculture strategies can play a key role.

The Producer Pathway

The Producer Pathway was designed in 2021 by ASD program managers to help local farmers and gardeners of all skill levels understand the programming offered and how we can help based on the knowledge stakeholders currently have and their educational goals. Explore the Producer Pathway and find out more about what programming is right for you.

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Merging conservation and production, by helping local farmers adopt agroforestry practices and market specialty crops.

Appalachian Harvest Food Hub

Providing training, technical support, aggregation and distribution services to local farmers since 2000.

Appalachian Harvest Herb Hub

Providing training, technical support, aggregation and distribution services to local farmers since 2000.

Farmer + Rancher Mentoring

On-farm internship opportunity designed to develop beginning farmers and put them on the path to a successful career in farming.

The Field School

Beginning farmer training program that includes 2 sessions on business planning, finances, and marketing all geared toward helping beginning farmers create sustainable and profitable small farms.

Garden Box Project

Garden Box Project allows small families, seniors, people with limited green space or redistricted mobility a way to grow fresh, healthy food in raised boxes.


ASD’s innovative workforce development program delivers paid, on-the-job training to people with barriers to employment. Groundwork operates in our Bristol and Duffield locations.

Grow Your Own

Grow Your Own families grow their own fresh, healthy food in a home-based backyard and market gardens. We provide training, technical support, seeds, plants, tools and tilling services.

Healthy Families – Family Farms

HFFF raises money to buy 2nds produce from local farmers, leaving them with additional income and then donates the produce to local food banks and pantries.

Learning Landscapes

Teaches children how to create, plant, tend, nurture, cultivate and harvest fresh fruits and vegetables in gardens at schools, community centers or clubs.

Local Food Guide

Get connected with fresh local food and the farmers who grow it. Also find local markets, breweries and restaurants committed to supporting local food and the region.

Veteran Recruitment

We are actively searching for Military Veterans and Military Spouses to engage in all ASD programming and volunteer opportunities! Email Michael Klarman for more info.

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