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The experience of being an intern growing organic food on a farm in my local area has been one I’ve truly appreciated and enjoyed very much. It feels incredibly satisfying to be directly connected to the beautiful bounty of food that is being grown organically here at TNT Farm N Greenhouse in Meadowview VA.

Being able to visit a farm in full bloom during the summer has always been kind of a magical thing for me but interning and being a part of the actual growth has been such an eye opener for me in so many ways.

There’s so many benefits to the hands on learning I have received while spending my time here on this farm. Just the perspective on how large plants grow to maturity and how much space is needed to grow food for production is absolutely amazing. Being able to see the methods and practices used in organic farming has been such a huge help to me as a first year gardener myself.

It’s nice to see the process of producing food without the use of pesticides and man made chemicals. Drip tape, cover crops, and mulching are used to help water more efficiently and succession planting is used for a longer harvest throughout the season. Everything is done in a very practical and ethical manner.

All these practices work together making the farm more sustainable while also making the environment a better place. The patterns of daily routines and determination produce quality food that looks and tastes wonderful.

I would encourage anyone to go spend some time on a farm that produces food in their local community. I feel it’s a great rejuvenation for the soul to find a place you can get your hands a little dirty. A place where you can watch some crops grow and learn a little patience while you wait for the harvest of nature’s wonderful gifts.

Jennifer Dufresne, 2020 FARM Intern
TNT Farm N Greenhouse, Meadowview, VA


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