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Although I’ve only been working for Brown’s Farm for a few weeks I have learned a lot. Through these past few weeks I have learned how to care for livestock such as goats, cattle, and chickens. Even though there is a lot to care for it isn’t as difficult as it seems. As for instance with the goats, they don’t really need much care. With enough pasture they can graze and feed their young themselves. The only real thing I’ve had to watch out for is the babies sticking their heads in the fence and not being able to get back out.

Two weeks ago we discovered that two of the Great Pyrenees dogs had a litter of six puppies. They are growing very rapidly and are beginning to open their eyes. Even though the puppies are cute, the one animal I’ve had the most fun with would be their steer. He’s a black angus that’s being grain finished for beefing and is very playful. After he gets his grain, me and him will usually play around together. Overall working on the Brown’s Farm has opened my eyes as to how to take care of a farm and keep it running year after year.

Nathaniel Summerow, 2020 FARM Intern
Brown’s Farm, Mountain City, TN


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