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Director of Communications and Development 
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Duffield, Va. – Appalachian Sustainable Development (ASD) has partnered with Food Country USA in a pilot project to provide fresh, local beef to consumers in the region. In early 2022, ASD’s Appalachian Harvest Food Hub staff worked closely with Brandon Jones, owner of Jones Cattle, Lee County, Virginia to pilot an expansion of the food hub’s offering of beef into current markets. With a goal to reduce the carbon footprint of cattle hauling in the production phase of meat processing, ASD worked with Jones to coordinate getting cattle to Double L Meat Processing, a local meat processing facility located in Lee County, Virginia. Double L Meat Processing became a USDA certified and inspected facility in April, 2022. 

Currently, Food Country USA in Duffield, Virginia is carrying Appalachian Harvest Beef in their fresh meat department for purchase. In partnership with ASD, the Food Country USA meat department staff has shared their expertise with ASD to ensure that the pilot has a strong foundation for success as the program scales up. In the coming months, ASD will work with Food Country USA to provide local beef to additional store locations in the region. 

Mark Brown, Director of Store Operations at Food Country USA comments, “Our fantastic partnership with Appalachian Harvest with close to home, fresh beef is another step in keeping high quality meats and produce readily available to our customers.” 

Consumers can be reassured that any beef with the Appalachian Harvest brand has been USDA certified and is of the highest quality and consistency. When consumers purchase beef through this pilot, they will also be supporting local farmers. 

This new brand line within ASD’s Appalachian Harvest Food Hub, sets a natural path for the large number of livestock farmers that ASD aims to bring to larger scale markets over the next few years. ASD is blazing the trail for local beef that will create opportunities for its Groundwork and Ag Education programs with access to new business segments that the organization has not been able to reach before. 

About Appalachian Sustainable Development (ASD)Living Better. Locally. Its what drives ASD’s commitment to propel its mission to build a thriving regional food and agriculture system that creates healthy communities, respects the planet, and cultivates profitable opportunities for Appalachians. Since 1995, ASD has been working in Central Appalachia, providing hope, and making a difference for the people who call the region home. What began as opportunities for struggling tobacco farmers to grow fruits and vegetables have become lasting solutions to regional challenges that impact economic development, workforce development, food access, health, and wellness. Over the years, ASD has expanded its reach from northeast TN and southwest VA to include partners in WV, OH and KY, enabling the organization to bring resources back to the region. For more information, visit



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