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Advanced knowledge through internships, networking, and market access.


We address workforce and economic development, food insecurity, and community building and health through six strategies: education, increasing local food production, developing markets, increasing distribution of local agriculture products, engaging strategic partners, and researching/consulting and advising. We are passionate about ensuring that rural communities can become viable once again and we feel that agriculture strategies can play a key role.

Appalachian Harvest Food Hub

A facility located in Duffield, VA with a focus on moving large volumes of produce to wholesale distributors. Appalachian Harvest also offers washing/grading lines that are available for growers to use around the clock. If growing volumes of product without having to worry about the marketing interests you, then get in touch with Appalachian Harvest.

Contact the Program Managers

Grower Manager

Email Adam 276.708.8438

Facility Manager

Email Roger 276.870.2907


The Appalachian Harvest Food Hub offers GAP/FSMA, Organic, and produce grading training. Contact Adam or Roger for more information or visit the Food Hub web page by clicking below.

Appalachian Harvest Herb Hub™

A shared-use facility in Duffield, VA that offers commercial herb processing equipment and access to premium-priced herb markets. If you’re ready to start processing and selling medicinal herbs, contact the Herb Hub today!

Contact the Program Managers

Procurement Coordinator

Email Robin | 276.623.1121

Herb Hub Associate

Email Shannon276.623.1121


For more information on the Appalachian Harvest Herb Hub™, visit the web page by clicking here.

Farmer and Rancher Mentoring – Mentors

Through the Farmer and Rancher Mentoring program, farmers with at least 3 years of experience on their own farming operation are paired with beginning farmer Interns to help them achieve their specific learning goals in 200 hours or more.

Apply to be a FARM Mentor!

If you are a farmer with at least 3 years of experience, have your own farming operation, and are eager to share your knowledge with beginning farmer interns, apply now by clicking the button below. For more information, visit the FARM webpage.

On Farm Internships

200 Hours of Hands-On Learning

Beginning farmer interns will work closely with their mentors on-farm for a minimum of 200 hours. Interns and Mentors will log their time and submit to Jenni Roop.

Building Relationships in the Farming Community

Participants have expressed interest in building relationships with others, believing that a strong network will increase their success while enabling them to work together to access infrastructure and services they need.

Individualized Learning Goals

Mentors and Interns will work together to develop their individualized learning goals designed to guide lessons learned on the farm. These written goals will guide them through the growing season and likely change over time

Contact the Program Managers

Producer Pathway Manager

Email Michael 423.408.9438

Director of Agriculture Education

Email Jenni 276.623.1121

Blogs from the FARM

If you’re interested in participating in the FARM program, but want an idea of what to expect, click the button below to read some intern submitted blogs!

Farmer PRIDE Coalition

For farmers, growers, gardeners, and agroforesters of all experience levels who identify as LGBTQ+, the Farmer PRIDE Coalition provides specialized programming, education, and networking opportunities in conjunction with ASD’s other programs.

Coalition Information & Application

For more information about the Coalition or to register to participate, click the buttons below.

Contact the Program Manager

Workforce Development Program Manager

Email Hannah 276.623.1121

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