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Apiculture Resources

University of TN Extension Resources

Beekeeping in Tennessee, UTExtension Beekeeper’s guide

Bees and Beekeeping – All Documents
Includes pest management, Bee Health, and master beekeeper information.

Virginia Tech Extension Resources

Beginner Beekeeper Short Course Presentations (Carrol County, VA)

Beekeeping Resources and Links (Carrol County, VA).
Includes a beekeepers guide to yearly apiary management in Virginia, beekeeping basics, and links to short courses

VDACs, Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Virginia Hive Distribution Program

Beekeeping and Apiary Inspection

Vermont Extension

Resources for Beekeepers

Beekeeper Recommended YouTube Resources

Michael Palmer
Bob Binnie
Ian Steppler
Kaymon Reynolds

Agroforestry Resources

What is Agroforestry/Intro to Agroforestry

Forest Farming Handbook, 2nd Addition

Training Manual for Applied Agroforestry Practices, University of Missouri Center of Agroforestry

Agroforestry in Action Technical Guides, University of Missouri Center of Agroforestry

Handbook for Agroforestry Planning & Design, University of Missouri Center of Agroforestry

The Agroforestry Podcast

Agroforestry Marketing and Economics, University of Missouri Center of Agroforestry

Alley Cropping

Alley Cropping Design Tools Playlist, The Savannah Institute
Alley Cropping: Case Studies in Appalachia

Forest Farming (Edible, Medicinal, & Decorative Species)

Forest Botanical Planting Stock Resources, ASD Agroforestry Team

Forest Farming Ramps

Producing Shiitake Mushrooms

Growing Shiitake Mushrooms in an Agroforestry Practice

Log Based Shiitake Cultivation

Goldenseal Fact Sheet

Commercial Goldenseal Cultivation


Multifunctional Riparian Forest Buffers

Non-Timber Forest Products Calculator

Food Forests

Urban Food Forests, The National Urban and Forestry Advisory Council

Community Food Forest Handbook, Cathie Buckowski’s


Silvopasture Resources, Virginia Tech

Educational Silvopasture Video Series, Virginia Tech Extension


Windbreaks, USDA National Agroforestry Center

Agroforestry Windbreaks, University of Minnesota Extension

Publications Relating to Windbreaks and Shelterbelts, NRCS Plant Materials Program

Special Interests

Herb Marketing

NC State’s Herb Connect
Marketing Agroforestry Products

Landscape Design

The Permaculture Research Institute Resources

A Comprehensive Guide to Permaculture Implementation

Native Fruits + Nuts

 Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture 

University of Vermont Growing Elderberries Guide

Growing and Marketing Elderberries

Growing and Marketing Pawpaw in Missouri

Key Perennial Crop

Chestnut Industry

Hazelnut Industry

Hazelnut Production


Tree and Shrub Planting

Tree + Shrub Care

Other Agroforestry Organizations


Beginning Farmer/Gardener Resources

Benefits of Gardening

Organic Gardening Manual

Virginia Cooperative Extension – Lawn and Garden

Tennessee Cooperative Extension – Residential and Consumer Hortiulture

Appalachian Resource Conservation and Development Council

Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture

Post-Harvest Care – general guidelines and specifics for commonly grown crops

Selling Produce

Virginia Cottage Food Law

Tennessee Food Freedom Act

Learning Landscape/Farm to SchooL

Interest Survey for those interested in joining the Farm to School Coalition

What is STEAM?

Benefits of Gardening with Kids

New Farm Business Resources

Find Your Local Service Center

Organic Resources

Introduction to Organic Gardening Manual

The Introduction to Organic Gardening manual provides the basic, foundational knowledge needed to begin an organic garden. Information in this book has been training new backyard and market gardeners in our Grow Your Own home gardening program for years using data drawn from agricultural best practices and evidence based research.

Organic Growers Materials Manual

Risk Management

This material is based upon work supported by USDA/NIFA under Award Number 2021-70027-34722

Production Risk

A result of uncertain natural growth processes of crops and livestock. Weather, disease, pests, and other factors affect both the quantity and quality of commodities produced.

Risky Business Webinar Series – Appalachian Sustainable Development

Conservation Incentives for Farmers – Virginia Sustainable Farms and Agribusiness Education Initiative 

Price/Marketing Risk

Created by the variability of prices producers receive for their production, the access they have to markets for their products, and the prices and the availability of inputs.

Farmers’ Market SNAP Fruit & Vegetable Incentives: Improving Customer Health and Vendor Wealth – Virginia Sustainable Farms and Agribusiness Education Initiative

Considerations for Marketing Value Added Products – Center for Profitable Ag

Exploring Value Added, Direct Marketing, and Agritourism Opportunities for your Farm – UT Extension

Financial Risk

Occurs due to the capital-intensive nature of farming and ranching businesses. Volatility of prices, yields and income impact the debt-repayment ability and a business’s cash liquidity. Changing interest rates, credit rules, and the availability of credit are also aspects of financial risk. Financial risk is often intensified by the lack of detailed financial analysis and planning.

Introduction to Basic Farm Financial Statements: Income Statement – UT Extension

Introduction to Basic Farm Financial Statements: Balance Sheet – UT Extension

Customers, Tracking Income, Cash Sales Receipts, Invoices, and Deposits – UT Extension

Legal/Institutional Risk

Generated by uncertainties surrounding and resulting from government policies and regulations related to tax laws, food safety, labeling and marketing, protected species, water use, animal health and welfare, chemical use, animal waste, other environmental issues such as clean air and water, government commodity and income support programs, and the legal liabilities of a variety of litigious issues faced by farms and ranches.

Basic Estate Planning 2021 – Alabama Cooperative Extension

Farm Succession Fact Sheet: Land Access, Acquisition, and Transfer – Alabama A&M University

Human Risk

Refers to human relationships that impact the viability of farm and ranch businesses including communication, labor management and supply, business succession and intergenerational transfer of assets and management, estate planning, and human health and relationship issues including accidents, illness, disability, death and divorce.

Communicating During Stressful Times: Mental Health Issues for Farmers, their Families, and their Communities – Oklahoma State University

Farmer Financial Health and Wellbeing Assessment: A Tool for Fostering Supportive Financial Conversations – Virginia Cooperative Extension

Food Insecurity & Hunger in Virginia – Virginia Cooperative Extension

Four Steps to Crisis Communication – Mississippi State University

Managing Financial Risk for a Healthy Farm and a Healthy Farm Family – Virginia Cooperative Extension

Local Food Guide

The Online Local Food Guide is a handy resource that lists local and regional farms, products that are being grown and raised in the region, farmers market locations and hours, breweries, wineries, restaurants and more. 

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