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Organic Resources

Introduction to Organic Gardening Manual

The Introduction to Organic Gardening manual provides the basic, foundational knowledge needed to begin an organic garden. Information in this book has been training new backyard and market gardeners in our Grow Your Own home gardening program for years using data drawn from agricultural best practices and evidence based research.

Organic Growers Materials Manual

Agroforestry Resources

The information and resources given here are from a variety of sources and are intended to help forest landowners learn how to protect streambanks, utilize their property to earn income or to provide a food source. If there is specific information that you are looking for and do not see it here or if you have questions about our Whole Farm Planning or Land Planning Services, please click here.

What is Agroforestry/Intro to Agroforestry

Forest Farming Handbook

Training Manual for Applied Agroforestry Practices, University of Missouri Center of Agroforestry

How to Make Agroforestry Profitable, A Comprehensive Guide: University of Missouri Center of Agroforestry

Alley Cropping

Alley Cropping Design Tools Playlist, The Savannah Institute

Forest Farming (Edible, Medicinal, & Decorative Species)

Non-Timber Forest Products Information, Institute for Cultural and Ecology Archived Content

Forest Botanical Planting Stock Resources, ASD Agroforestry Team

Multifunctional Riparian Forest Buffers

Non-Timber Forest Products Calculator

Food Forests

Urban Food Forests, The National Urban and Forestry Advisory Council

Community Food Forest Handbook, Cathie Buckowski’s

Food Forests

Silvopasture Resources, Virginia Tech

Educational Silvopasture Video Series, Virginia Tech Extension


Windbreaks, USDA National Agroforestry Center

Agroforestry Windbreaks, University of Minnesota Extension

Publications Relating to Windbreaks and Shelterbelts, NRCS Plant Materials Program

Special Interests

Herb Hub/Herb Hub Resources

NC State’s Herb Connect

Landscape Design

The Permaculture Research Institute Resources

A Comprehensive Guide to Permaculture Implementation

Native Fruits + Nuts

 Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture 

University of Vermont Growing Elderberries Guide

Tree and Shrub Planting

Species Specific Growing Information

Tree + Shrub Care

Other Agroforestry Organizations


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