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I have helped my grandparents on their farm for somewhere around 2 and a half years.

Not really doing anything major. Just helping to lift things he can’t, carry things, etc…I’ve never really handled things on my own, or felt comfortable with handling things around the farm on my own. It was always being told what exactly needed to be done and when and how and in the case of the larger projects it still is.

However, I’ve found over the course of these past two months or so, having spent more time on the farm and having been paying more attention than before I’ve found that I’ve gained a sort of….new found confidence in working out there I suppose. I’ve started doing chores on my own more often, I’ve taken on more responsibility, etc…

I suppose what I’m kind of getting at is that this just kind of shows that you can spend time somewhere doing or helping with something but ultimately you’ll never really be able to do it for yourself if you’re not willing to pay attention, or take a backseat and learn from someone else. That part is all up to you. I remember before I wouldn’t step foot near the chicken coop without someone else in there with me because…well for one thing I’ve never really cared all that much for chickens, but also because I was just generally unsure of the situation. However now, as with some other things out there, I feel better about being able to do what needs to be done and being able to do it to the best of my ability. And that isn’t to say that I know everything about running it. I can’t just look around very easily and notice a new project that needs starting, and there are plenty of things yet to be learned.

But ultimately part of that responsibility and gained confidence is sometimes just….calling and asking, “what can I do?”

Deklan Thomas, 2019 FARM intern
Brown’s Farm – Mountain City, TN


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