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This is the online application for the Farmer And Rancher Mentoring (FARM) Program, ASD’s 200 hour on-farm internship for 2024. Please review mentor bios at

Interns will participate on mentor farms throughout the growing season for a minimum of 200 hours.
Interns are required to participate in a 1/2 day in person orientation, complete timesheets monthly, and submit 2 blogs throughout the growing season. Participants who successfully follow the program will receive a participation stipend ($1,000). We will be in contact with all applicants with information in regard to an interview.

2024 FARM Intern Application

What is your preferred form of communication?(Required)

Do you have a reliable form of transportation?(Required)

Experience and Acknowledgments

Please answer each question related to experience with as much detail as possible.
Please choose the option that best describes your experience in Agriculture.(Required)

I.e. Apprenticeship training, formal education, experiential education, publications or books you read, individuals who have mentored you, conferences and/or workshops you’ve attended, etc.
Please be concise, specific and concrete with your goals and expectations.
Select up to two mentors you are interested in being paired with. Review their bios at before making a selection.(Required)
I understand that it is my responsibility to communicate with my mentor throughout the program.(Required)
I understand that I am required to attend the FARM Intern orientation meeting in the spring.(Required)
I understand that I am required to complete 200 hours of hands on learning on my mentor's farm.(Required)
I understand that I am required to submit at least 2 blogs during my internship.(Required)
I understand that I am required to submit time sheets to the Producer Pathway Manager once per month during the internship.(Required)


The information gathered here is for internal use only. All questions are optional.


Are you a Military Veteran on currently serving in the military?

Income level

Employment Status

Education Level

Are you currently or formerly employed by the tobacco industry?
Are you currently or formerly employed by the coal industry?
Have you been impacted by issues related to substance use disorders, including the Opioid crisis?

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